Fireworks !

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こんにちわ。都島区eo 英会話です。今日25日は天神祭で花火が上がります。数年前、この花火の日に夜8時から中学生の授業がありました。授業参加者はゼロでした。そりゃそうですよね。年に1回の花火大会。花火の音を聞きながら勉強なんてできませんよ。笑。今日の8時の授業は、休みです!!みんな、楽しんでおいで !
It's Tenjin festival today. You can see beautiful fireworks from 8:00 at night. I just remember that we were supposed to have a lesson with junior high school students on the 25, fireworks' day several years ago. No one showed up ! No, you can't blame them ! Tell me if anyone can study in the classroom, hearing sounds of fireworks !
We don't have any night classes today ! Have fun outside ! It 's summer ! Your season !

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