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Are they working hard at the new eo英会話, or are they hardly working? ;-)

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無料体験レッスン実施中! FREE TRIAL LESSONS!



電話 06-6180-3533 お気軽にお電話ください!

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高倉町3丁目 に移転しました。


電話 06-6180-3533 

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The Big Move is here!

Hey everyone!

Starting this week, we will be having our classes at the new location at Takakura-cho 3-chome, 2-25, First Floor. The renovations will be continuing so you will see more changes happening over the next few weeks, but we are OPEN!!!

今週からeo英会話は新しいロケーション(高倉町3丁目2-25 クリスタル高倉1F)で授業を開始します。

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Merry Christmas 2013!

A Xmas message from us to you!
Merry XMAS everyone!

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中学生クラス Jr. High School Class

Our Jr. high school class students study grammar after the native speaker's lesson.
They have test week at school now so they are studying very hard. This class is smart. Some students passed the English step test last month.
Studying English is based on doing homework and reviewing the lessons at home by yourself though, Our teachers are always happy to help the students if they have questions.

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Halloween !! Remember the first Halloween !


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Step Test 英検



Every October we have Englsh Step test. Our students have practiced since last month. This time the elementary students take a test the level 4 and 5. the Jr.high school students try the level 3 and Sr.high challeges the level 2. They take the test in the classroom where they always have lessons every week. we hope they will pass that .
The Halloween party week is coming after the test. We're looking forward to it !

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The new comfortable room !


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Moving In the new room !引越します!

都島区eo英会話です。 来週9月より同じc棟の1302号室に引越しします。

We are going to move in the room 1302 of the same building C from September.

eo英会話 (英会話教室) 都島区

大阪府大阪市都島区高倉町3丁目2-25 クリスタル高倉1F