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Family Festa  都島ファミリーフェスタ

4月30日 10:30~12:00 

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Welcome to the new school year!

A new school year has begun at eo eikaiwa in Miyakojimaku. We want to welcome back all our returning students, and give a warm welcome to our new students. We are looking forward to another great year at eo!

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Merry Christmas from eo!

Merry Christmas!
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Walking, walking... in Kinder Class

Today the kids enjoyed walking, hopping, running, and stopping.

WWalking, Walking

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Clean Up Song for Kinder class.

Clean up, clean up, everybody let's clean up...

I See Colors

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Kindergarten Class this Week

We are working on colors in Kindergarten today...

I See Colors

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Hokey Pokey Kinder Class

Today we did a version of the Hokey Pokey in Kinder.

Hokey Pokey Shake

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Today's Kindergarten Song

Today we studied using the word "Who?". 今日私たちは、 "Who" (だれ) を練習しました。
Who took the cookie?
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Today's Kinder Class Song

Today we studied "Go Away" and "Come Here".
Go Away"

eo英会話 (英会話教室) 都島区

大阪府大阪市都島区高倉町3丁目2-25 クリスタル高倉1F