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Today's Kindergarten Song

Today we studied using the word "Who?". 今日私たちは、 "Who" (だれ) を練習しました。
Who took the cookie?
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Today's Kinder Class Song

Today we studied "Go Away" and "Come Here".
Go Away"
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The Song for today's Kinder class

Today we used the new interactive Whiteboard to watch this, and the kids in kinder class loved it!
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?"
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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016 everyone! Did you make any Resolutions this year? Perhaps study English more? ;)

We hope this will be a great year for all our students and we look forward to meeting many more new students this year!

Kelly and the staff at eo英会話 都島区店.

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Merry Christmas from eo英会話!

A Xmas message from us to you!
Merry XMAS everyone!

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このうえの "ペーパーヘリコプター作り方" 青色タイトルをクリックしてください

Happy Halloween!

Here are the instructions on how to make your own Paper Helicopter from the paper you got during Halloween Street.

cut = 切る  
fold = 折る  
put on the clip =


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Halloween is Coming!


Miyakojima-ku makes Halloween a big event every year -- with eo英会話's Haunted House and Halloween parties, and's Halloween Trick-or-Treat Street (which we are also taking part in) This year is going to be even bigger than last year! If you have a ticket, come out on Saturday October 17th to go through the haunted house at eo英会話and you can also get some candy! So Happy Halloween to everyone from us, here in Takakura-cho!

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無料お試しレッスン、実施中。 3月4月入会は入会金¥0!


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無料体験レッスン in 都島区!!

The new school year is beginning in only 1 month. Improve your child's communication skills in English and give them a head start (or give yourself a head start too!)

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Are they working hard at the new eo英会話, or are they hardly working? ;-)

eo英会話 (英会話教室) 都島区

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