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obon holiday お盆休み



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Olympic Season

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that I have been silent on the eo英会話 site lately. I have been quite busy. Anyway...

It is Olympic Season now, and Japan is already doing great in the medals. Go Japan!

One thing that is nice about being a foreign resident of a country during world sporting events is that I get to cheer for more than one team!

Canada has many fewer medals than Japan, but I cheer them on anyway. Go Canada!

I hope you are all having a great Summer, and I will see you soon!

P.S.: remember that next week (August 13th to 17th is Obon Holiday so we will take our school Summer Break during that time.

Keep smiling!

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multicolor pen 多色ボールペン

都島区eo英会話です。 中学生の生徒が4色のボールペンを持っていて、その色を取り替えていました。8色ぐらいあって、なんというか、ペンなのか、おもちゃなのか・・と私は笑いました。「こんなペンは英語で何て言うのか?」と生徒と私は疑問に思い、講師のマーティンに聞いたところ、「たぶん, multicolor pen か、retractable pen. 外国にもあるよ。 ネットで検索してみたら?」 という返事でした。

multi-colored = 多色の、マルチカラーの。  いろいろできる人をマルチプレイヤーとかって日本語でも言いますね。 そのマルチです。
retract = 引っ込める、縮める、取り消す。 able がついているので、引っ込めることができるという意味になります。

The student has a pen that had little different colored nobs at the top and when you pushed one down the lil ink cartridge thing would pop out and you'd write in the color you chose.
That makes me laugh. " many colors ! Is it a pen or a toy ? "
What is a pen like that called ? we asked Martin.
" It is called a multicolor pen or a retractable pen. they have pens like that in foreign countries. You can check it on the internet." said Martin.
Checking it on line, I found that
It depends on the colors. If there are ten colors, it would be called a 10 color retractable pen. If it has 7 colors, it would be a 7 color retractable pen. Hope this helps!
It could also be called a multi- color pen.

色を ” 引っ込める “  って感覚が面白いですね。 日本語ならば、違う色が、 ” 出てくる ”  って考えますね。

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都島区eo英会話のアナウンスです。英検準2級・3級に中3、中2 それぞれ合格しました。特に中2のT君は二次試験(英語による面接テスト)で素晴らしい成績をとりました。Q&A(質問・応答)の部門が満点でした。素晴らしいです。おめでとうございます。

Our students passed Step test. One of the student, second year of Jr High school, got 100% score of Q & A in the interview test. GREAT ! Congratulations!

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Young or Old ?

都島区eo英会話です。小2のクラスで反対語の復習をしていた時のことです。 big, little, short, tall, on, off, up, down などなど。そして、young, old が出てきました。私がにやにや笑いながら、" Am I young ? " 聞くと、生徒たちは全員で ”NO,NO, NO ! ”と 笑いながら大声で答えました。1人の男子がちょっと悩んだ表情を見せたあと言いました。「どちらかというと、ごとちゃん(私のニックネーム)は、old やな。」すると、女子が、「ちがう、ちがう、young と old の 間やわ。途中。でも、もうすぐしたら、old になることは、なる。」と言ったのです。これには、大笑い!
It was in the class of 7 years old. They were reviewing the opppsite words lkie big, little, short, long and so on. When the words " Young " and " old " came up ,
I asked the students ,
" Am I young ? "
then they said all together
" NO. No, No ! You are not young. "
" I think you are old , Goto chan" said a boy of them.
" Hold on, Rather.. She is between young and old, kind of, on her way. but she will be old soon anyway." said a girl student.
They made me laugh a lot.
Thanks for their considering my age.

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The rainbow !

Before the lesson around 7 pm, Thomas called the students, " Come and see ! That't a rainbow " There was a big beautiful rainbow in the south east sky. He told about an English expression that if you arrive at the end of the rainbow, you'll find a golden pot.
日本にも虹にまつわる表現はあるのでしょう?Are there any Japanese ones ?

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Wild Raspberries


Hello Everyone,

This week I picked wild raspberries (noichigo) in my neighbourhood with my family. It was a lot of fun. We were able to pick about 300 grams in 30 minutes. When we got home, we made jam with the raspberries. When it was cool, we made homemade scones and ate the jam with them. So delicious. I hope you could enjoy similar experience.

Take care


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New Books !


The books that we are using in the lessons have changed to new version. They have the CDs in them , so you can listen to English that you learned in your lesson at home. That makes your listening improve more!

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A busy Spring!

Hi Everyone,

It has been a busy April - May Season at eo-eikaiwa. With all our English students from last year and lots of new students this year, our classes are full! So, we have opened a few new classes to make room for the new students.

We would like to welcome the many new students to the school including: Yuna, Aoi, Chihiro, Anna, Souto, Hanna, and Noriko.

Remember, don't forget your homework!

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Welcome to the 2012-13 school year!

Hello everyone! From all the staff and teachers at eo-eikaiwa...

Here it is, adjectives from A to Z...

Wishing you an amazing, beautiful, challenging, demanding, (but) encouraging, fun-filled, great, happy, insightful, joyful, kaleidoscopic, laugh-a-minute, magnificent, never-discouraging, optimally pleasing, question-answering, realization-filled, surprising, tantalizing, ultra-fulfilling, valuable, wow-inducing, (e)xciting, yahoo-exclaiming, (comfort-)zone-expanding school year!

Keep smiling,
the staff of eo-eikaiwa - (Chizuko, Martin, Thomas, Arina, Kelly)

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