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Step Test 英検


The weather report says that the rainy season has started though, we are still enjoying pretty comfortable days, not so hot or humid. Such a nice Sunday, our students had English Step Test. I wonder it was a nice day for them. They are a little bit nervous and serious. I hope they all will pass the test.

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Free Trial Lessons 無料体験レッスン実施中!

We are offering Free Trial Lessons ! please call or send emails to us freely !

Another year starts ! New Books !

04/09/2013 17:47


New Year has started since Today and our students got the new books.
They look happy.

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Preparation for April


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Thank you for coming on Parents' Day.


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Parents' day 参観日


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Happy New Year from eo 英会話!

Welcome back after the holiday break! The new year at eo英会話 in 都島 starts today -- I hope everyone did their homework! Looking forward to seeing everyone again this week, and hearing about how you all spent your holiday season...

Keep smiling!

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Christmas Party クリスマスパーティー

急に寒くなりましたね。都島区eo英会話では、今年も第3週にChristmas Partyを各クラスで開きます。生徒さんにご案内のお手紙を渡しています。プレゼント交換もあります。お楽しみに!

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It's Movember!

It is now Movember, and eo-eikaiwa has a mustache on the site. Do you want to know why? Ask your teacher, and learn of the story of Movember.

Keep smiling,

都島区eo英会話です。 Movember については大人のクラスで取り上げました。口ひげの絵からもわかるように大人の男性たちの活動です。何か楽しそうにも見えますが、なんと、癌予防、早期発見の活動です。女性のピンクリボン(乳がんの早期発見の活動)のようなものです。このMovemberは、ケリーの母国カナダが最大の活動をしています。

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The scary haunted house !

Hi everyone, it's exactly Halloween today. Did you get a lot of candies ? Did you scare someone ? Our school had Halloween parties last week. Kelly changed our classroom to a very scary haunted house. There were some Jack-o-lanterns, a big skeleton, a spider web and other scary stuff. No lights, dark and horrible sounds. The scariest one was a Frankenstein who was lying on the bed in there. Some students cried. One of the students was too scared to go forward. He held Thomas's legs the whole time so Thomas couldn't move either.
こんにちわ。です。今日31日ハロウイーンですね。キャンディーをもらったり、誰かを怖がらせたりしましたか~? 都島区eo英会話では、先週ハロウイーンパーティーでした。ケリーが今年も恐ろしいお化け屋敷を作って、みんな大騒ぎ。大きな骸骨や不気味なかぼちゃ、くもの巣。真っ暗でなにやら恐ろしい音もします。一番、怖かったのはベッドに横たわっていたフランケンシュタインでした。生徒たちは怖くて、なかなか入れません。トーマスの足にしがみついて固まっている男の子もいました。それでトーマスも動けませんでした。

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