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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011 everyone!

is a year for celebrating the people who are close to us, and learning more about people in our neighborhoods, and around the world, that we know very little about. So, I look forward to a great year getting to know all students, new AND old, much better!

Keep smiling!

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Merry X'Mas message...

A Xmas message from us to you!
Merry XMAS everyone!
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Christmas Party !!


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Martin became a father ! マーティンがお父さんになったよ!


Things were back to normal after the Halloween party and English Step Test. Then we got some happy news! Our teacher, Martin, had a cute baby boy on the 5th of this month. His name is Lance, and he is healthy and happy. Congratulations !! Martin enjoys talking about his baby with some mothers of the kindergarten class every Tuesday. He became a father !!

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The eo haunted house !

都島区eo英会話です。先週からHalloween week です。いつも勉強している部屋が真っ暗なお化け屋敷に大変身!!こわ~い・・お昼だというのに部屋は完全に真っ暗で、ゴーストが背後に立っていたり、フランケンが出てきたりして、みんな怖がっていました。泣いて入れない生徒もいました。しかし入っていくと Trick or treat ! キャンデーやチョコをゲットできました。「ちょっと怖かったけど、おもしろかった!」が、みんなの感想でした。
Our school has been in the Halloween week! The classrooms in which we are studying has changed to a very dark haunted house. Oh...very scarey! It's completely dark, no lights in the room in the aftenoon though. The goast scared our students other than dark atmosphere and they screaned to see Flankenshtain behind the door. Their screaming made Ms Goto laugh, which is her favorite thing of Halloween. At the end of the screaming they got the treat. They said " It's very scarely and a big fun!"

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HALLOWEEN 10月18日から!

都島区eo英会話です。HALLOWEEN の日程が急きょ変更になりました。年間予定の10月31日(日)に実施すると、参加できない生徒さんが多い事がわかり、保護者様からも通常のレッスン時にしてほしいとの希望が多かったからです。

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都島区民祭り クーポン券

年に一度のチャンスです! お気軽にお電話・メールしてくださいね!!

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opposites  反対語

都島区eo英会話です。Our students reviewed opposites in the third grade class today. They practiced memorizing the words that they learned before, grouping them in pairs. They learned many pairs such as happy-sad, on-off, clean-dirty, young-old and go-stop.
They used the cards that have pictures on one side and words on the other side. The cards are arranged in two groups, one with the pictures showing and the other with the words showing.
First, our students pick up a card from the pictures group. Then they find the opposite card from the other group, looking at only the words. They matched the cards well, finding many pairs such as new-old and empty-full, not only by looking at the pictures but also by reading the words. GOOD JOB !!

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反対語 opposites

都島区eo英会話です。今日は小3のクラスで反対語を復習しました。今まで学んだ単語をペアにして覚える練習をしました。happy-sad, on-off, clean-dirty, young-old、go-stop など、たくさんあります。表が写真で、裏が文字になっているカードを使いました。まず,表の写真を見てカードを1枚選びます。次にその反対語のカードをその写真を見ないで文字側から探し出します。写真だけでなく文字も読むことで new-old や empty-full などのカードを正確にマッチさせることができました。GOOD JOB ! たいへんよくできました。

eo英会話 (英会話教室) 都島区

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