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入会金 半額 !


6月中に入会の方、 入会金 ¥5400 → ¥2700 


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Kindergarten Class this Week

We are working on colors in Kindergarten today...

I See Colors

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Hokey Pokey Kinder Class

Today we did a version of the Hokey Pokey in Kinder.

Hokey Pokey Shake

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Today's Kindergarten Song

Today we studied using the word "Who?". 今日私たちは、 "Who" (だれ) を練習しました。
Who took the cookie?
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Today's Kinder Class Song

Today we studied "Go Away" and "Come Here".
Go Away"
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The Song for today's Kinder class

Today we used the new interactive Whiteboard to watch this, and the kids in kinder class loved it!
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?"
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4月末まで入会金無料 !!

Sign up fee is free until the end of April.

4月から 新しくクラスを開講する予定です。
毎週(水)4:00 新小1・2対象。 
毎週(水)5:00 未経験者の小4以上のクラスを予定。

We will open new classes for students who have no eikaiwa experience of English. The classes will be for grade 1 and 2 of elementary at 4:00 on Wednesdays and also for grade 4-6 at 5:00.

Please feel free to call us. We're looking forward to seeing you !

幼稚園児のクラスは (金)3:00 です。

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無料体験レッスン実施中!Free Trial Lessons !

現在、生徒さんは 3歳から。「孫」から「おじいちゃん」までの年齢幅のみなさんが楽しんでいます。

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016 everyone! Did you make any Resolutions this year? Perhaps study English more? ;)

We hope this will be a great year for all our students and we look forward to meeting many more new students this year!

Kelly and the staff at eo英会話 都島区店.

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Merry Christmas from eo英会話!

A Xmas message from us to you!
Merry XMAS everyone!

eo英会話 - 都島区