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無料体験レッスン in 都島区!!

The new school year is beginning in only 1 month. Improve your child's communication skills in English and give them a head start (or give yourself a head start too!)

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参観日 Parents day

We'll hold parents day at our school in February. The students and the teachers are excited about it to show how they're improving.

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A happy new year !

A happy new year. we've started our lessons since yesterday. We got some resevations of free trial lessons. The parents' days of our school will come up next month. Now, let's enjoy English this year too.


We offer Free Trail Lessons anytime !

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Christmas Party クリスマスパーティー

It's December. How fast time flies !
We'll have Christmas parties from 15th. Each class has parties in the class. We have Secret Santa this year too. It 's called プレゼント交換 in Japanese. Our students get excited about Secret Santa every year. It's a secret who brought your present. That's Secret Santa. Enjoy !

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都島区eo英会話です。 ハロウイーンも英検も終わり、少し落ち着いたムードのレッスンが続いています。
「私はテニスをする。」を I tennis play. とは言いません。

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We had a great Halloween party ! The hauntedhouse which Kelly made was so fun and scary. Some of our students were so scared. But no worries. Nobody cried. They also put on nice costumes and enjoyed the party. Kelly was a pirate, Martin was a vampire and Thomas was Darth Vader.


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Halloween Party !!

こんにちわ。都島区eo英会話です。来週はHalloween party

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皆既月食 Lunar Eclipse on 8 October Wednesday !

Hi everyone, Did you watch the lunar eclipse on Wednesday ? Our students and Thomas enjoyed watching it during the lesson. The colour of the moon changed to copper red from yellow. Then it became a beautiful gray. It was a beautiful gray planet. The wonderful moment made us feel how great nature is .
A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the Earth into its umbra( shadow). They can occur when only the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are aligned ( in syzygy) or very closely with the Earth in the middle. Therefore a lunar eclipse can only occur the night of a full moon.


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Step Test 英検


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ミルクのおかわり。 another cup of milk.

都島区eo英会話です。今日、小4のクラスで、「My news is ~~自分のニュースを英語で言ってみよう!」というのをやりました。 ある生徒は、My team won a soccer game and joined the next level. サッカーの試合に勝って昇格した。 ある生徒は、I practiced tennis last Saturday. 先週の土曜日、テニスの練習をした。そして、面白いというか、子どもらしいというか、こんなニュースも出てきました。 I didn't have another cup of milk for lunch at school today. 今日学校の給食で牛乳のおかわりをしなかった。 過去形を習うと英語で言いたいことが増えますね。 You can express yourself in English better if you learn the past tense.

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